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nginx更新したらPHPがトラブった – Ubuntu 14.04.1

aptitude full-upgrade とかやってスタタタターンとアップデートしたんだけど nginx が  1.6.1-2 になって、PHP を使っているページが開かなくなった。



ありがちなのは /var/run/php-fpm.sock のパーミッションが nginx と揃ってないとかだけど、今回は違う。

色々やった挙句 apt-listchanges のメール見たら書いてあったわ

nginx-common (1.6.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

As of nginx-1.6.1-2 we have synced all configuration files with upstream and
we plan to keep them in sync from now on.

Unfortunately that might break existing configuration for some users. Please
check the matrix below for more information:

File Changes
koi-win whitespace
koi-utf whitespace
mime-types whitespace, changed js/rss mime type,
minor other changes & additions
scgi_params whitespace, added HTTPS
uwsgi_params whitespace, added HTTPS, removed UWSGI_SCHEME
fastcgi_params whitespace, removed SCRIPT_FILENAME
fastcgi.conf new upstream configuration file

Fastcgi configuration issues

nginx shipped a modified fastcgi_params, which declared SCRIPT_FILENAME
fastcgi_param. This line has now been removed. From now on we are also
shipping fastcgi.conf from the upstream repository, which includes a sane
SCRIPT_FILENAME parameter value.

So, if you are using fastcgi_params, you can try switching to fastcgi.conf
or manually set the relevant params.

You might also want to read the documentation section before proceeding.

section: $fastcgi_script_name variable.

-- Christos Trochalakis <yatiohi@ideopolis.gr> Thu, 28 Aug 2014 14:23:42 +0300

diff 取ったら SCRIPT_FILENAME ってのが無いので追加する必要がある。
または今までの fastcgi_params を fastcgi.conf で置き換える。
# 私は fastcgi_params をリネームしてシンボリックリンクを張った



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